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150 years of the Royal Navy’s ‘Writer Branch’ – March 2017

30th March 2017 – 150 years of the Royal Navy’s ‘Writer Branch’

Current members of the Royal Navy at the Defence Maritime Logistics School (DMLS) at HMS RALEIGH, the RNWA and ‘Old Scribes’ came together to commemorate a presentation of “The History of the Writer Branch” given by the Writer Trainees on the occasion of the 150 Anniversary of the Foundation of the Branch.


A Reversal of Roles

RNWA President Colin Hughes working at the computer and Logistician (Writer) Saskia Hutton using a typewriter.  Saskia Hutton passed out of training on 7 April 2017 and the RNWA wished her and her classmates every success in the future.

Writers Old and New

The current Logistician Writers who gave the Presentation “The History of the Writer Branch”. The photograph was taken on the stairway of the DLMS training area and the old Writers who were amongst those who attended the presentation.