Formed in 1887 - The Worlds Oldest Military Association

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hd-join_Why join the RNWA?

  • Be part of what is believed and can be successfully documented the oldest military Association in the World, established 1887.
  • The RNWA is the oldest RN Branch Association in the RN and is worth preserving.
  • The RNWA has links to other Service organisations.
  • The RNWA is a forum for advertising and promoting the standing of the Writer.
  • The RNWA is an Association open to all Writer’s so that they can keep in touch with their peers.
  • The RNWA could be a forum for professional expertise.
  • Add your own value, thoughts, comments and ideas to help contribute to the Association.

Joining Form

Please download the enrolment form and GDPR consent form, and return both to the main RNWA address.  The forms are in PDF format, for which you’ll need a PDF reader.  Please see here for more details.