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Lapsed Members List

Date last updated: Jan 2018

 i. The personnel listed below have been lapsed due to membership contribution not being received which was due in 2016. Correspondence i.e. renewal and reminder letters were issued. Non-payment could be for a variety of reasons.

ii. Personnel may have also been lapsed due to mail being returned ‘not known at this address’ or they have been unable to be contacted.

iii. Also human error made regarding the update of the RNWA’s database, so apologies if so and contact The Secretary to prove and advise otherwise.

Note: If any of the following pay outstanding membership contributions or rejoin, names will remain shown on this website page until January 2019 whereupon their name will then be removed.


Membership contributions due 2016 lapsed in January 2018

Karen Dowden of Truro

Paula Moon of Chard

Linda Small of Winchester

Janice Wylie of Morton Wirral


If you personally know the above or come into contact or are speaking to any of them, please mention the RNWA in your conversation in order that they might reconsider being reinstated or re-joining.