Formed in 1887 - The Worlds Oldest Military Association


The Rules of the Royal Naval Writers’ Association

  1. Name of the Association -This association is to be known as the “Royal Naval Writers’ Association”.
  2. Definition of the term “Writer” – The word “writer” used in these rules shall be deemed to include all ratings of the Writer Branch and Officers promoted therefrom, whether serving or not.
  3. Objectives of the Association
    1. To encourage members to unite their energies for the welfare of Writers generally.
    2. To promote friendly and social intercourse amongst Writers of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth Navies and their respective Reserves.
    3. To afford opportunities for the discussion of interesting topics.
    4. To encourage exemplary conduct amongst Writers and infuse zealous application to their duties so that the Writer Branch shall thereby merit the approbation and respect of all.
  4. Membership
    1. Writers entering the Association will be known as “Members” of the Association.
    2. After 50 (fifty) years paid up membership (not necessarily continuous) a member shall be eligible for election to Life Membership at a subsequent meeting of the Association and presentation of a celebratory certificate.
    3. All serving RN personnel and ex-members of the Royal Navy Writers Branch shall be eligible for membership.
    4. A writer shall be deemed to be elected as a Member of the Association after having been duly proposed and accepted at a meeting of the Association and having paid an annual subscription.
    5. A Member discharged from the Naval Service may continue membership.
    6. A Member ceasing membership shall be eligible for re-election.
  5. Subscription – An Annual subscription, as decided by the Committee, is payable as follows: –
    1. The Annual subscription is to be forwarded with the Enrolment Form.
    2. The Annual subscription is to be paid in advance with the renewal due on the anniversary month of payment or election into the Association. If subscriptions fall one (1) year in arrears, Rule 6 will apply.
    3. Life Members are not required to pay subscriptions.
    4. Annual subscriptions shall be paid to the Membership Secretary and should be accompanied by membership cards where practicable together with a self-addressed envelope for return.
  6. Removal of Membership – The name of any member who contravenes the Rules or Objectives of the Association may be brought before a meeting of the Association for consideration as to whether they shall be removed from membership. The effective date of any removal shall be recorded in the minutes.
  7. Management
    1. Management of the Association shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary and at least four Committee members.
    2. If a state of emergency arises which makes it impossible for the affairs of the Association to be conducted in the normal manner the administration of the Association shall be entrusted to the:-
    3. i) President ii) Secretary iii) Membership Secretary
  8. Headquarters – Portsmouth Area is to be the Headquarters of the Association. A Branch or a Corresponding Representative shall be instituted should the need arise.
  9. Election of Officials
    1. President – The office of President shall be held by the Chairman and shall hold office from the December meeting. Nominations shall be called for at the November meeting and the names of the members nominated shall be shown in the appropriate agenda for the following December meeting when the election shall take place.
    2. Secretary & Membership Secretary – Nominations shall be called for at the November meeting and the names of members nominated for each office shall be shown in the agenda for the following December meeting when the election of each official shall take place.
    3. Committee Members – These shall be nominated and elected at the December meeting.
    4. Auditors – Not less than two Auditors shall be elected and they shall hold office for 12 months after being nominated and elected at the December meeting.
    5. Votes are cast for the positions to be filled and the candidate attaining the highest number of votes is elected.
    6. Any officer of the Association not attending three consecutive meetings may be called upon by the Committee to resign their position.
  10. Places and Times of Meetings – These shall take place at the Warrant Officers & Senior Rates Mess, HMS Sultan at Gosport, on the first Tuesday of each month commencing at 19:30. Should it become necessary at any time to hold an extraordinary meeting then the place and time shall be decided by the Chairman. Five (5) members constitute a quorum.
  11. Committee Meetings – These shall normally be held at the place appointed for meetings and shall take place from time to time as convened by the Chairman.
  12. Minutes of the Meetings – A record of the proceedings of all General and Committee meetings held shall be kept. Minutes shall be signed by the Chairman and Secretary.
  13. Order of Business at Meetings – The order of conducting the business of meeting shall be as follows: –
    1. Deceased Members
    2. To read and confirm the minutes of the previous meeting
    3. To deal with matters arising therefrom
    4. Election of new members
    5. Financial Statement
    6. Motions
    7. Any other business
  14. Duties of the Chairman
    1. To be acquainted with the business of the Association and to ensure that such business is not contrary to the rules and objectives of the Association.
    2. To correspond with Members, individuals, firms, associations, public bodies etc on subjects considered by the membership of the Association to be in its (the Association’s) interests.
    3. To preside at all meetings. In the event of unavoidable absence the members present at the meeting shall elect a substitute from amongst themselves.
    4. In the event of equal voting the Chairman shall have, in addition, a casting vote.
  15. Duties of the Secretary
    1. To attend all meetings.
    2. To conduct the general correspondence of the Association.
    3. To be the Treasurer of the Association.
    4. To receive monies payable to the Association, duly accounting for all such receipts in the books of the Association in accordance with the accounting procedure laid down.
    5. To pay all monies received into the authorised banking accounts of the Association retaining a sufficient sum to make local sundry payments.
    6. To take necessary action for the settlement of all accounts and payments due from the Association funds duly accounting for all such transactions in the proper books of the Association.
    7. To produce all books of account and other records of the Association when called upon to do so.
    8. To prepare Newsletters and Directories for distribution to all members of the Association.
    9. To give a minimum of one month’s notice on intention to resign the office of Secretary.
  16. Duties of the Membership Secretary – The Membership Secretary will be responsible for the following: –
    1. Maintaining a database of all serving and non-serving members of the Association.
    2. Providing the Secretary with details of new joiners for acceptance into the Association.
    3. Despatching to new members joining information.
    4. Compiling the RN Writers’ Association Directory every 2 (two) years in accordance with Rule 25.
  17. Accounting Procedure – The Secretary shall maintain the following system and accounts: –
    1. A complete record of all receipts and expenditure and to close this record on the last day of every month.
    2. To prepare full audits of the books and accounts in the hands of the Secretary and these audits to be carried out every six calendar months and as soon as possible after the 31st May and 30th November each year.
  18. Banking Accounts – The Bankers of the Association shall be as decided by the members.
  19. Authorisation to Sign on Banking Accounts
    1. All cheques and Bank withdrawal orders drawn on accounts in the name of the Royal Naval Writers’ Association shall bear the signature of any two of the officials and Committee members. The specimen signatures of those officials shall be lodged with the relevant bank.
    2. On supersession of any of the named officials, the consequent changes in signatories shall be notified in accordance with the requirements of the banks concerned.
  20. Salary of the Secretary & Membership Secretary – The salaries, payable monthly, of the Secretary and Membership Secretary shall be decided by the Committee.
  21. Wreaths – On the death of a member being notified the Secretary should, when time allows, send a wreath, the cost of which should be left to the Secretary’s discretion. Alternatively, a donation of a sum to be decided by the Committee may be made to a charity specified by the deceased’s family in lieu of a wreath.
  22. Payment of Expenses – Reasonable expenses incurred by Officials and members on the official business of the Association will be paid from Association funds. An advance may be made for the purpose.
  23. Duties of Auditors – To examine as and when required the books, accounts and their supporting vouchers and Bankers Certificates of the Association together with a selected number of Members’ record cards.
  24. Alteration of Rules – The method of effecting alterations to the Rules of the Association shall be by proposal of an individual member and the procedure to be followed is set out hereunder: –
    1. The member shall make a proposal in writing and shall forward it to the Secretary supported by detailed reasons for the proposed change or changes and where matters of finance are involved, by the relevant figures.
    2. The meeting shall discuss fully the proposal on the agenda and a detailed report of the discussion shall appear in the relevant minutes.
    3. Any amendment to the proposal that may arise from the foregoing procedure is to be tabled by the individual member concerned in accordance with clause 24a.
    4. The original proposal and any proposed amendment thereto are to be included in the agenda for the following meeting when the amendment(s) shall be voted upon before substantive proposal (as amended) and the result of the voting recorded in the minutes in terms of members for and against in each instance.
    5. The votes recorded in the minutes for and against the original proposal and each amendment thereto shall be totalled and a majority shall be the decision of the Association.
    6. Any voting concerning financial matters under Rule 24a shall require a 75% majority of members voting.
    7. Any proposed amendment to a rule or rules or proposed cancellation of a rule or rules or proposed new rule or rules upon which a decision has been given in accordance with clause 24a above shall thereby be deemed duly amended or cancelled or a new rule or rules as they may be with immediate effect. No amendment to an amended new rule may be proposed (unless ultra vires to the Association on implementation) within one year.
  25. Directory
    1. A Directory shall be printed every two (2) year containing the names of all Officers promoted from the Writer Branch and Writer Ratings with the ships etc. in which they are serving together with any other useful information and forwarded to each member.
    2. There shall be inserted in the section of the Directory headed “List of Members not on Active Service” the retired rank of members who specifically request this to be done, the insertion to follow immediately on the names of the members involved.
  26. Newsletter – A brief summary of items of interest shall be communicated in a newsletter issued half-yearly in order that members unable to attend meetings may be kept acquainted with the proceedings of the Association. The newsletter shall contain the financial statement. A statement of an individual Member’s account shall be included in each newsletter.
  27. RNWA Trophy – An award is to be made annually to the “Writer Branch Trainee of the Year” the purpose of which is to project a spirit of friendly rivalry and a sense of comradeship within the Writer Branch in all its aspects.
    1. The Trophy as commissioned by the RNWA in 1987 and presented to the Royal Navy Supply School at HMS Raleigh in May 1988 is to be held by the Supply School, wherever situated, on permanent display except for presentation purposes.
    2. The award is to cover all classes of Writer trainees, and all aspects of new entry training.
    3. The Association is to present the Trophy, and award Certificate and memento to the Writer at the Annual Dinner covering costs of travel, dinner etc. If the recipient is unavailable their Commanding Officer or RNSS is to be contacted to present on the Association’s behalf.
    4. There is no requirement for the recipient of the award to be a member of the RNWA.
    5. The recipient of the award will be selected solely by the RNSS and the Association notified in February in order that presentation arrangements can be made.
  28. Annual Draw – An annual Grand National Draw is to be conducted with proper provision for printing of tickets and registration under current Small Lotteries legislation. The aim is for both the maximum participation by and possible return for all members.
    1. The Secretary shall be responsible for running the Draw, calling for Committee assistance as required.
    2. The prizes are to be agreed by the Committee according to income in accordance with current legislation and the seller of the race winner is to receive a sum decided by the Committee.
    3. The Draw is to be properly registered with the local Council and returns made as required.
    4. Tickets may be sold to non-members.
    5. 10% of the net profit is to be paid to the RNBT under Rule 29b.
  29. RNBT
    1. The Association is to have a representative on the RNBT Committee as invited.
    2. 10% of all Association draws, raffles net profits to be passed to the RNBT.
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