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New Website

Dear Members,

Those of you that log in to our website regularly will have noticed a change.  A change, I hope, for the better.  I discovered in April that our last webmaster had left his job with the computer services company responsible for our website.  Following some negotiations with the company, I was astounded to learn that to remain with that firm would cost over £1k per annum.  This cost would have been beyond our means.

I asked around and was directed to CS Computer Services which manager amongst others the St Vincent website.  I am pleased to advise you that, following discussions between the Committee, myself and CS Computer Services, the Association now has a bona fide website manager at an affordable annual cost. I hope that this continues as, I’m sure you will agree, a website is a must in this day and age.

Please forward any comments or suggestions on the site, once you have perused it, to  I would also welcome any articles, anecdotes etc.  that members think may be of interest to the Association.

Many thanks,

Colin Hughes


Facebook Page

As part of the new website, I have also created a Facebook page:

Please ‘Like’ this page to keep up to date with any updates to this website, and keep in touch with others.


Chris Locke
Website Manager


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